DISCOVERING AN ART LEGACY - Anil Mulchandani. Pics - Dinesh Shukla.

The Lalbhai Ancestral House

The Tagore family is known for building an art movement that flourished in India during the early 1900s and influenced modern art in India. The private art collection of the Tagore family is now on public display at the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, housed in the 112 year old ancestral home of the Lalbhai family. When we heard about this museum, we asked for permission to visit the property and photograph the pieces. Just after the Shahibag Underbridge, we turned for the gate of the Lalbhai family’s ancestral house. Built in the early-1900s, the mansion was the residence of Lalbhai Dalpatbhai who founded the Saraspur cotton mill in 1896, thus beginning the family’s foray into manufacturing textiles.

His son Kasturbhai Lalbhai

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