Aluminum Photo Plaque Mother, Ahmedabad

Print On Aluminum. Design - Mom & Daughter

Print On Aluminum Sheet. Design - Sisters

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Beautifully printed picture of mother and daughter on brushed aluminum plate which is fixed on a sturdy MDF wooden plaque. A great frame for Mother's day or for her birthday.

Print On Aluminum Sheet. Design - Sisters
Print On Aluminum Sheet. Design - Sisters

Print On Aluminum Sheet. Design - Sisters.

These Plaques are beautifully printed on high quality brushed aluminum foil. The brushed effect gives a metallic feel and look .This is solidly supported by dark polished MDF frame. The over all Plaque measures approx 10" x 8" .The foil size (Print size is ) 7" x 5" This Plaques can be personalized with your own creative writing or a photograph This plaque can include a picture, names, places, dates, quotes etc...., and can even include a poem.

This can be wall mounted or used for table top, making them the ideal gift for virtually any occasion. This Plaque makes a great gift for brother, sister, friend, father, mother,husband, wife, boss, teacher or just any one. A Perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, get togethers, farewell, retirement or just any other occasion.

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