Heart shape wooden puzzle with quote:

Heart shape wooden puzzle with quote:

Heart puzzles for mother, Ahmedabad

Heart Puzzle. - Love You Mom

Heart Shaped wooden puzzle: Design-Classic : Black & White

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Heart Shape wooden puzzle: Design -Classic :Black and White.

This is a wow gift . The heart shape puzzle is wood is given a black and white effect with bold and beautiful write up in black and red. This gift can be given for birthdays, anniversary or just for any occasion. Perfect gift for a girl friend, boy friend, husband , wife or a newly married couple. Order online for quick delivery. Delivered to Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, pune, Bengalure, chennai and rest of the India.

Heart Shaped wooden puzzle: Design-Classic : Black & White
Heart Shaped wooden puzzle: Design-Classic : Black & White

Wooden heart puzzle: Design-Classic : Black & White

Celebrate love with this classic black and white customized heart shaped photo puzzle, a timeless gift coming right from the heart. Your favourite image is transformed into a elegant masterpiece custom made gift article . Solve this customized black & white beauty and enjoy the memory again and again. The write up in red and black and the dramatic font used for "pieces" stand out very clearly and makes the puzzle very eye catching. The displayed puzzle has 45-50  pcs which requires adequate time to keep you or a loved one engaged.

Customized photo puzzles makes for a great unique gift for any age, whether they're given as a birthday present, wedding gift, or holiday surprise, or even as gift to yourself. Use a favorite picture of your loved ones, a group shot of friends, or your favorite landscape or the one with your pet - the possibilities are virtually endless. You can also add a greeting, caption or a fun-filled personal message.A perfect gift for a boy friend,girl friend, husband, wife or for couples.

The puzzle requires a good quality picture. For large sizes we recommend an exceptional, professional grade quality picture to get an exceptional output in the final puzzle Our puzzle are made from special MDF wood and is 3 mm . The entire puzzle is laser cut with a matching 2mm support.

Apart from this, We are one of the few that can produce bigger size puzzles measuring 36”x24” due to the size of our machinery and expertise. The turnaround time for a bigger size puzzle is anywhere between 10-12 working days. . Big puzzles of more than 200 pcs requires a good team to solve or an expert .



Your photo, and caption printed to make a beautiful MDF wooden puzzle
Beautiful reproduction of your photo. 

High-grade precoated MDF
Matching MDF stand for table top placement after solving the puzzle.

Size :
22cms x 22cms
For bigger size email us at info@ahmedabadcity.com

The puzzle comes solved with tape attached at the back. Remove the brown tape gently and separate the pcs.
Dust it with a soft cloth.

Lead Time: 
Time required to deliver 3-4 working days after the payment is done for the order.

Upload instructions:
Upload the photo to be printed on the wooden jigsaw puzzle in the field given on the right side of the page.
Require high resolution digital pictures ( 300 DPI or more)for optimum output

Delivery areas
This printed Heart Shape Wooden Puzzle can be delivered to

Navi Mumbai,Noida,Pune,Surat,Thane,

For any other delivery area or further information please email us at info@ahmedabadcity.com


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