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  1. What is ahmedabadcity.com gift service?
    Ahmedabadcity.com gift mall is an online gifting service and an online retailer of Indian products. We are one of the pioneers of online retailing in India and Gujarat in particular and we have been serving our NRI customers since October 1997. We believe in the following a) Prompt Delivery b)Reliable Service c) Best Product Quality. Apart from retailing we also export Indian products to stores and establishments worldwide... Our Motto remains- NOT TO MEET THE CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS BUT TO BEAT THE CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS.
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  2. What is your product range? And how often do you change products?
    Our guest can choose from the various sections of the gift mall and we can send most of the gifts to majority of cities in India. ( for list of cities click here) However we deliver cakes, chocolates, sweets and other edible items ONLY IN AHMEDABAD. We keep adding new products and the same is displayed on the site in our “WHATS NEW” section.
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  3. Where do we procure products from?
    All the products are procured locally from the best of the vendors and we follow a very strict quality control policy. We procure the products keeping in mind that it is the most important occasion of your life. OUR MOTTO IS NOT TO MEET YOUR EXPECATIONS BUT TO BEAT YOUR EXPECTATIONS.
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  4. How is the gift delivered? Where can it be delivered and what is the lead time?
    We understand that gifting is very different from shopping and so we take the following steps in completing your gifting needs. We know that a guest is putting lot of faith in us and we have to beat their expectations. In order to achieve this goal... We take care of the following while delivering. 1. Product quality has to be nothing but the best. (in case of eatables the time gap between the production and delivery is never more than 3 hours) 2. Packing has to be very good. ( always packed in such a way that it is soothing to eye and also sturdy enough. 3. Delivery has to be timely. ( This is one of the most important part of gifting ) 4. Service has to be courteous. ( Our staff is well trained in delivering the gifts ) 5. In case of a problem ( which are rare ) the way it is solved is very important and we see to it that our customer is satisfied. The gifts are packed beautifully and hand delivered in Ahmedabad , Nadiad, Gandhinagar , Anand, Vallabh Vidyanagar by www.ahmedabadcity.com. In rest of the places it is delivered by professional courier agencies having nationwide presence and by our domestic partners. The minimum order requirement for placing a order for Nadiad , Anand, Vallabhvidyanagar and Nearbt areas is US$ 35. There is no shipping charge but a lead time of 3 days is required. For India delivery and rest of the world delivery you need to choose those particular options given below each and every product.
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  5. What is the lead time for delivery?
    The lead time for all the products are given on the respective pages. Normally we require 24 hours for most of the gifts but it is advisable to carefully read the lead time for each and every product given on respective page. For out side Ahmedabad deliveries the lead time is 4-5 working days hours.
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  6. What should I do to ensure that my delivery is made on time?
    To make sure that your delivery is done in time please do the following. 1. Place your order well in advance 2. Full name of Recipient 3. Detailed address with pincode and some landmark 4. Landline number 5. Mobile number 6. Neighbours number if possible. In case of improper address we can call the recipient and tell him about the delivery without disclosing the surprise.
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  7. How do I make payment and what is the security of my credit card information?
    Your card is processed by one of the best payment gateway- CCAVENUE, who use SSL encryption on their servers. The details of your card never come to us. It is absolutely safe to use CCAVENUE payment gateway. CCAVENUE accepts international Visa and American Express credit cards for all orders placed online on www.ahmedabadcity.com . We are working with other payment partners to facilitate more payment options.
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  8. Are the items delivered as displayed on the web page?
    Most of the pictures displayed in this site are those of the actual product. (shades of colour can vary in some of the products), but ahmedabadcity.com gift service reserves the right to deliver a similar, equally good product for reasons beyond its control. If there is enough time we do try to contact you and take your permission before doing this.
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