How is the gift delivered? Where can it be delivered and what is the lead time?

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We understand that gifting is very different from shopping and so we take the following steps in completing your gifting needs. We know that a guest is putting lot of faith in us and we have to beat their expectations. In order to achieve this goal... We take care of the following while delivering. 1. Product quality has to be nothing but the best. (in case of eatables the time gap between the production and delivery is never more than 3 hours) 2. Packing has to be very good. ( always packed in such a way that it is soothing to eye and also sturdy enough. 3. Delivery has to be timely. ( This is one of the most important part of gifting ) 4. Service has to be courteous. ( Our staff is well trained in delivering the gifts ) 5. In case of a problem ( which are rare ) the way it is solved is very important and we see to it that our customer is satisfied. The gifts are packed beautifully and hand delivered in Ahmedabad , Nadiad, Gandhinagar , Anand, Vallabh Vidyanagar by In rest of the places it is delivered by professional courier agencies having nationwide presence and by our domestic partners. The minimum order requirement for placing a order for Nadiad , Anand, Vallabhvidyanagar and Nearbt areas is US$ 35. There is no shipping charge but a lead time of 3 days is required. For India delivery and rest of the world delivery you need to choose those particular options given below each and every product.